WiredVibe AI Gaining Momentum with £500,000 in Pre-Seed Funding

WiredVibe AI
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WiredVibe AI, the cutting-edge London-based tech company, is proud to announce the opening of its pre-seed round funding of £500,000 at a £5 million valuation, for its upcoming app that provides personalized soundscapes, and the world’s first AI-driven therapeutic companion.

The app combines the latest technologies in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to offer a unique experience to users.

Founded by Vlad Alecu two years ago, at just 19 years old, WiredVibe has bootstrapped itself to keep things going. Some of its top clients so far include engineers from companies like Google, Uber, and Meta. The startup has been covered in the past on Entrepreneur.com, Mashable, and PCWorld.

The team has operated in so-called “stealth mode” for the past months and largely stayed out of the media spotlight.

Now they are lifting the veil.

“We are excited to offer investors the opportunity to join us in bringing this groundbreaking app to market, our team brings together a wealth of expertise and experience to make this a reality. We believe it can significantly impact people’s lives, and we are committed to making it accessible to as many people as possible,” said Vlad Alecu, WiredVibe AI — CEO and Product Architect.

The team also consists of the Chief Technology Officer, Dr. David M Horowitz who is a highly regarded expert in the field of speech acoustics and conversational AI, with 30+ years of experience in this area. In the pursuit of his doctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he was encouraged in the process by the renowned Senior Scientist, Dr. Dennis Klatt, the creator of Stephen Hawking’s Voice.

“We have crossed more than 8 million impressions on our music app, and have a team that includes a chairman, highly qualified scientists, and a certified psychotherapist providing valuable input into our development,” Dr. Horowitz said.

WiredVibe is currently integrating cutting-edge conversational AI software in its upcoming application. This groundbreaking technology, developed with approx. £1,000,000 in funding from prestigious grants, is the result of the pioneering research efforts led by renowned expert Dr. Horowitz.

In addition, the company has appointed Dr. Clayton Stewart as its Chairman of the board. Dr. Stewart has over 40 years of experience in various positions, currently a Visiting Professor at University College London.

In his distinguished career, he served as a Director at the US Office of Naval Research, as well as Vice President and Director of Business Development at Saic Inc., leading the strategic business development function for the $500 million annual revenue Technology Research and Integration Business Unit that is focused on R&D.

As part of its efforts to deliver high-quality products, WiredVibe’s team has undergone some changes. Prof. Yorick Wilks, a worldwide AI expert, and a Research Fellow at Oxford Internet Institute, passed away recently, leaving behind a legacy of impactful contributions to the company.

As the Director of AI at WiredVibe, he shared his extensive knowledge and expertise to guide the development.

“His legacy lives on in our product, and we feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him,” Vlad Alecu said.

The pre-seed round funding for WiredVibe’s app is currently open, and the company is actively seeking additional investors to join in their mission. The app will launch later this year and will be available on Android and iOS devices.

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