The Science Behind Our Music and More

In this article, we’re going to unveil a few details behind the platform sound creation process and how it could be beneficial for you.

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3 min readJan 10, 2021

1. Instrumentals

The first stage implies creating the instrumentals for our final track. This is also the most creative part of the process which includes real human composers, nature sounds, and in some particular cases, AI-generated sounds, such as piano music, for example.

In most cases, a composer will create and write the original melody, play live instruments, and assemble the final instrumental package. We then take this small track and spread it out over a longer period of time before applying any other effects.

For particular tracks, we also use high-quality AI-generated music in order to achieve our final goal.

Visual Representation of Our Sound Creation Process

2. Science, Effects and AI

This is the most complex stage and it’s often in a constant state of change. We try to find the best way to combine our technology and music. Until now, we have invented some really effective methods to create our tracks, that not only satisfy the final user’s needs but also delivers great results.

From a scientific point, our sound platform is using different frequencies specific for each activity that you’re currently immersed in, 3D spatial sounds, and different types of tones, in order to amplify your state of being, this way becoming more productive, relaxed, etc.

Synchronous Neural Oscillations and Cognitive Processes (by Dr. L. Ward)

WiredVibe works directly to find and then apply the right patterns in order to alter your neural oscillation activity accordingly. Results show that outside stimulation delivered through algorithmically created music can influence oscillatory action in the brain. In contrast with Spotify, white noise, or other similar apps, tuning in to WiredVibe music can help you tremendously, generally being up to 200% better than any other classic alternatives (This obviously depends on each person).

3. Final Track

Our final track is a combination of the first two steps. This last process involves carefully aligning the initial base instrumental and synchronizing it with the sounds and effects crafted in step two.

After this, the music is reviewed for effectiveness constantly, before being released into the world.

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