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Music with the fusion of scientifically proven technology has a greater impact on productivity, than normal alternatives. It improves your mental stability and works on altering your brain waves that stimulate your mind and help in releasing stress and anxiety as well.

“Music can widen your focus and enable you to think creatively.”

There must be so many questions regarding what your mind relates to, How listening to music can improve productivity?

  • Listening to music in the workspace can be a mood changer and also, could be an option of relaxing the mind instead of coffee.
  • The subsequent positive state…

If you’re dealing with ADHD(Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), it can be impossible to stay concentrated at times. It makes harder to focus on detail, creating a very frustrating environment — but by changing your daily routine and habits in simple ways, can help you bring more attention, control on mind and also become a good listener — here are few tips to improve Focus.

Improving your focus means learning what works best for you. Not every method will be a good fit for your unique situation as mental health differs from person to person.

It might take some trial and error to…

In this article, we’re going to unveil a few details behind the platform sound creation process and how it could be beneficial for you.

1. Instrumentals

The first stage implies creating the instrumentals for our final track. This is also the most creative part of the process which includes real human composers, nature sounds, and in some particular cases, AI-generated sounds, such as piano music, for example.

In most cases, a composer will create and write the original melody, play live instruments, and assemble the final instrumental package. We then take this small track and spread it out over a longer period of time before applying any other effects.

For particular tracks, we also use high-quality AI-generated music in order to achieve our final goal.


We make sounds by combining Artificial Intelligence and Powerful Science Research. Find us at wiredvibeapp.com

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